About Our Company

Turtle Southeast, LLC is based in Largo, FL. Our jobs vary in size and scope from 8000′ runways to 200 square yard patch work, from string line milling to grade to full depth removal at 12″ depth. Our equipment includes a fleet of 20 milling machines, 10 tractor-trailers, 20 well stocked service trucks and 14 water tankers.

Turtle provides superior customer service through out the state of Florida and the Southeastern US.

We provide a fully stocked service truck with every mill to speed up downtime due to breakdowns. We can also provide water truck if needed. We will provide our own transport on jobs that may require multiple moves.

Turtle’s field personnel are dedicated and well trained. Our crew chiefs all have years of experience and are trained as operators before working the ground. They are knowledgeable in the operation, maintenance, and repair of their milling machines. This combined with a service vehicle stocked with spare parts and tools, allows them to perform repairs on site with minimal downtime. They also follow a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that has been developed over the past 30 years. The maintenance program includes daily, weekly, 200 hour, 500 hour, and 1000 hour maintenance intervals, all of which help to keep our machines up and running.

We have a full service maintenance facility. This facility is staffed with full time mechanics, welders, and a paint & body man. They are responsible for major repairs, preventative maintenance, and rebuilding of all of our equipment. Their diligent work helps keep our equipment rolling and looking good.

The parts and maintenance are supervised by experienced individuals who insure that we have the parts and equipment we need to address any situation that may arise.

Turtle’s Field Operations Managers, Field Operations Assistants, and Resource Manager all started out as equipment operators and have years of field experience. Our General Managers has over 30 years of combined experience in the field of milling & asphalt construction. This gives them valuable insight to better coordinate schedules and analyze projects. It also helps facilitate any problem resolutions in the field.

Turtle’s goal has always been to do quality work at a reasonable price. We believe that hard work, effective planning, and honesty is what helps us attain and maintain that goal.

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